Let Go of the Past to Create a New Future – Law of Attraction

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  1. Why you want me there?

  2. Awesome lesson. Thank you!

  3. Grief does nothing but destroy the body!

  4. Never

  5. Never never never

  6. All you’re crazy

  7. edmund shaftesbury

    Thank you

  8. Fifth Second Chance

    Wow!! This video is true and amazing! Thank you sooooo much for this. I’m currently going through this very scenario and told myself I needed to leave as soon as possible❤️❤️

  9. My Dad is dead. Remembering him doesn’t make me sad. He’s in paradise. Eventually we’ll meet again. Just like me, he lives on, only the pain he felt most of his life, is gone. He stopped by just after his death to let us know that the next life is wonderful. Who knows, maybe I’ll live for thousands of years, and he’ll be one of my great great great grand children. Wouldn’t that be fun.

  10. I was like number 7 7 7!

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