Let’s talk about Wealth…(Is Money A Conscious Energy?… Is it Alive?)

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  1. Flordeliza Villar

    am i late now justin? just got off from work 🙁

  2. ernestas skapinskas

    Thank you. Nice to have you as my trainer <3

  3. Manifest Yourself

    Get in there people. The course pays for itself a million times over

  4. Just sent my $70 in Justin!! Thank you!!

  5. The first 50 People that make the $70 payment will be granted access to the Prosperity MasterClass!


  6. i fucking
    hope it’s alive because i need that shit

  7. I just sent my $70 in and I have a password and have access, so this is real!

    • Enjoy the course! I put detail into this online course. I’m proud of it. It works, but you have to apply…

    • @YouAreCreators What’s included?

    • @Paul Sullivan A 16 Module melting pot, that blends the Practical & Metaphysical Laws surrounding money. I teach you how to generate passive income, while working at home. It’s all energy.

  8. Millionaire Status

    Can I still sign up

  9. hi good morning im always listening you,and i really really like what your saying,im laarni filipina
    married to japanese

  10. What’s included?

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