“Life Gives You What You Believe You Deserve!” By Rev. Ike

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  1. Jeanelielafrance1@gmail.com Jean Elie

    The so-called WHITE doesn’t want him to enjoy life before death…Religion by the Slave master…Get it..

  2. The Adrenalized Artist

    Wow, the lady who said he wasn’t a Christian didn’t get what he said, “every person has his or her own perception of God.” In watching several of these videos Rev Ike was not a traditionalist (it’s the word I use because neither am I). He was able to see through the glitches created by organized religion.

  3. The man has spoken!

  4. “I LIKE IKE”

  5. ❤️💓 lacking melanin is also a cause for her mental suffering. It is known fact that the pineal gland helps you to “see the God within” and melanin plays a huge roll because it is produced in the pineal gland of that which most white people lack because they do not produce melanin… so therefore she is not at fault. She is biologically inferior lol.

  6. why is she worried about his jewelry? the pope wears a crown of stolen diamonds from Africa on his head and she follows him. fuck outta here.

  7. Christopher Sharod Ingram

    Who is here in the morning right after they awake?

  8. This guys a forward thinker! The First Lady simply has limited beliefs.

  9. “The now is eternal It’s my right to be rich, happy and successful”!
    Christianity enslaves humanity and destroys the human soul

  10. All those Christian losers attacking that great man that was telling the true

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