(Live) Action & The Law Of Attraction!

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  1. Nice neighborhood.

  2. Yeah those negative thoughts sometimes keep me in bed all day. I’ll listen to an affirmation video and another voice will tell me but that ain’t you. I’m really sick of that defeatist voice.

  3. I want that castle…the Danube river cruise with my wife….residual income to keep us high on life……no more ugly Facebook!

  4. I just subscribed. Minding Business.

  5. Really love this video, A LOT of gems were dropped throughout the entire video! Thank you!

  6. What if your spouse thinks you’re crazy,because you believe in the LOA…What do I do now??

  7. Namaste, love and light,
    I love ur love of Family have so much enjoyable energy and moments.

  8. Tania Locs and Life

    I’m glad I found your channel and I’m pleased to see so much success between a beautiful black couple. *Ive subscribed to ‘Minding Business’ as well.* To the both of you, #keepinspiring

  9. OMG yes, I sage my home every day!!!

  10. It’s so beautiful to see one of GOD’S ROYAL Family !

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