(Live) Are We Living In A Simulation? (Quantum physics explanation) )

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  1. Glad to see the person behind this channel…I share your thoughts a lot. Thank you for doing this

  2. thoughts, words, feelings, actions : these are energy , u can accomplish anything if u direct ths energy . thnx justin

  3. all those beeps coming from the phone… killing the momentum (and your brand)

  4. I will be watching, implementing and expanding on this one over and over again. Thanks, JP!

  5. Justin, your not talking crazy mate, this is life giving information, inspiration! Thank you for all that you do with your Channel content. Please keep doing what you’re doing 🤗🤗 Huge Appreciation from the UK😃

  6. You’re telling the truth man Justin you should have been in the movie The Secret 10 years ago!!!!👍

  7. You are definitely from an Ancestor from kemet..thanks for the energy brother!!…one day I will be where you are..one day..

  8. We are living in a simulation created by a matrix of words which keeps the matrix in tact. I learned this from watching the movie The Matrix and also from being a Buddhist. Buddhism teaches that this life is like a dream. But we come here to enjoy ourselves and to learn eventhough we keep repeating that cycle over and over learning different things. Here’s a prayer to set back your subconscious mind and alleviate negative thoughts. Say: I Love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. Please try and watch the movie The Matrix the one from 1999. I wish you all the best. Namaste!!!

  9. Videos like this are very inspirational!

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