(Live) Law Of Attraction Breakdown.

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  1. Unexpected Lottery Jackpots happen EVERY day, causing NORMAL people to be EXTREMELY WEALTHY! SO it is with ME!!!! Who will join me in my daily mantra and play their favorite lottery game EXPECTING to win big?!!!!

  2. harman jedi warlord

    Thank you, after death we shall meet 😁 or maybe if I ASTRAL PROJECT


    Columbus Ohio

  4. San Bernardino california

  5. Denver CO

  6. The Owl animal spirit showed up to give you confirmation that your words are words of wisdom. Thanks Justin.👍

  7. Immortal AndresJanicette

    Ronda burn the power
    Steven wild
    The game of life and how to play it

  8. After I heard your experience about the “blue apples” I decided that night after hearing this I would put it to the test. That night before I fell asleep I thought about what is different that I just is so out of the ordinary. So I thought of “shower caps” of all things..right? Well, the very next day I saw not one but two in a clients house!!!! So strange I just about cried and laughed at the same time. I just couldn’t believe it!! The very next day!! I took pics wish I could send them to u!!!! You just can’t make this shit up!!! 💫🌎✨🌋🌅🌠

  9. From London / UK

  10. Canada Peterborough Ontario

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