(Live) ONLY Talk About What You want! (Powerful Advice!)

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  1. Thank you♡

  2. Thank you very much for all this precious information 🙌 sometimes we think negative automatically we need to observe our thoughts and feelings and switch everything to the positive 💓 We Create Our Own Reality ✨

  3. Self fulfilling prophecy..

  4. Awe, love you too Babe! I know you are going to have a beautiful day!

  5. Do not underestimate the power of your words. Thank you for the wisdom.

  6. How about focusing on what we have! What were grateful for!

  7. 🙏Thank you Justin 🙏

  8. “All is mind and the universe is mental.”

    That quote is never too repetitive and most people do not understand it. Took me months to really understand it because I had to unlearn the slavery mind.
    Once I disciplined myself to meditation it started a chain reaction. I have my over soul name. Combined with that ancestor altar. You win every time in this demiurge simulation. It’s a trip when your meditating and you here in your mind and through you ears,” you should be praying to yourself.”
    Took me 1 yr of meditating 15-40 mins a day in dark quiet areas and on isolated beaches in Hawaii. I was experimenting. It’s our nature.
    Anybody can do it I think. I’m not judging.
    I’m only worried about my journey from this point forward.
    Just sharing

  9. School taught us to speak English and forget our language

  10. Thank you for this video. I HAVE a lot of money, abundance, and wealth. I am abundant and Rich. 😊

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