Live Stream: Bob Proctor on Goals & Success

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  1. Few days nifty not in work who said then now nifty working why you are not continue on the work again you come back and create the deconstruction after that another one ready for introduce how many years you take now remain countries also follow your nature no better fo me 20 months research work result now ??????????zero.then what they promissed why they fail in frequently.10% released for my sake what I say my friends ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????..

  2. Thank you Bob. Really !

  3. Be a team Builder be a team leader think Big Grow Rich be an action taker create results worksmart not hard create success in your mind take action

  4. You must be willing to change you must change a pattern of your everyday cycle and what your life is you wake up in the morning what are your goals what are your plans for the day what are you going to be creating what action are you going to be taking I have always been a self motivator l self-starter and a true leader of myself I teach myself Independence I teach myself to lead I teach myself for action follow your pattern change up your pattern make your pattern better than you ever have create your streams of income create large income how do you do that work with leaders alongside with him create momentum always keep your life positive

  5. Bob proctor you are one of the great in the world.

  6. Thank you so much Bob

  7. Bob this never gets old!! You have truly helped me to significantly increase my income. One day 3 years ago I only had $5 to my name and went to a thrift store and found a perfect copy of “Think and Grow Rich”. It was only $4.95. Coincidence? No, I know it was the Law of Attraction!!

  8. Mr. Proctor, you’re the sweetest! I just love you! Lol. Thank you again for everything. 😌

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