(Live Stream) Paradigm Shift Preview

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  1. The webinar keeps shifting back to the beginning

  2. Canadian.

  3. I PG Team! just registered for the live stream! I was heartbroken to find out the general tickets were sold out a few weeks ago, but I will see it on live stream, so thank you for having this option so no one gets left behind! Can you please tell me what steps I should take to receive the 3 months free in Bob Proctor’s Streaming club and also access of the success puzzle program? Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. I love this man, i can listen to him all day!

  5. Hi team Proctor! I have been working with this energy and now, and reading “YOU WERE BORN RICH”. I have been contacted by my publisher and they want me to buy a publicity campaign that will air my book on local channels and radio stations all over the nation. It is costly, should I do it? I’m a bit, afraid, my old paradigm is afraid. Xlibris is the publishing company, my book is a self published book. I wrote it years ago, and forgot about it, and now I was contacted recently and they think my book is something the public would be interested in, and needs to read. Please contact me. I will be seeing you in NY in November but that will weeks away, and they want me to go for the 20% off and it is only for tonight’s offer. Thank you so much in advance, for the wonderful advice you have for me, I know I will have an answer in my mind and heart soon, just by holding the focus on “I will receive a good and appropriate answer”

  6. Bob Please, i want to work with you for free! I want to help people.
    I already study All your material, and a lot of books like the power of the subconscious mind, the secret, think and grow rich, the science of getting rich, a lot of books of neville goddard. I am from Buenos Aires, I think maybe I can help your institute with my Language. Give me a chance! I gave you a chance the first time I heard you and you change my life!! 🙂
    Thanks a lot Bob, cheers!

  7. Bob, when you say that you read, Think and Grow Rich every day, do you read the whole book every day or just sections each day?

  8. Mr.chuuk Truetells

    Where can I get that book?

  9. “When I learned that, all I wanted to do is teach it.”
    Don’t you mean “all I wanted to do is sell it”?
    (I got here by searching for Henry Reich & Derek Muller’s new show, Paradigms. Only VRV has it, apparently. They actually TEACH us stuff. =p)

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