(LIVE) You ATTRACT based On How You Feel!

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  1. I am from India thanks great video thanks thanks I am always manifting your videos and I am grateful for all your beautiful words and you always my angel so universe is blessing me your videos thankyou for everything bless you

  2. Christopher Pullen

    Lov ur work ur energy Sir..I can VISON a company world wide with u Sir speaking and helping others achieve thier highest reflections of self and the world’s around them…have u even listen to Nevil Goddard or Joseph Murphy ..Rev.Ike…an ect…alot of conversation on my mind to have with u Sir and others… contact me for this Revolutionary Company…love ur company by the way AWESOMENESS ….your main Goal is constant With mine Sir….Let’s combine ideals and explore more an more of connecting of more people to awaken more to the truth ..and again always thank you Sir…I manifest this in my dream…my action is to write to u and others to combine the truth..one family…one power…One Love…much gratitude for sharing ur knowledge an wisdom..ty….lov all

  3. What you’re speaking is 100% the truth! Law of Attraction will give you back what you’re vibrations are sending out.

    There’s NOTHING ever to forgive because I AM the POWERFUL CREATOR of MY JOURNEY/LIFE. Whatever I VIBRATE to is EXACTLY what I WILL BRING TO ME. So the question is “WHO AM I CHOOSING TO BE in this EXPERIENCE that I have BROUGHT TO ME” (as clarified by the ANGEL that speaks through MY daughter, JAMILLAH SHABAZZ).

  5. mihaela serdenciuc

    Woaaaaw,id like to have so wanderfull house!!!

  6. Thank you for this VIBRATION ENERGY

  7. Christopher Pullen

    contact email. pullens4026@gmail.com. or cell.2703702414. ty always ..Lov all

  8. Mercedes W124 W126 tech and more

    I keep on attracting COURT CASES from my ex…. more than 30 in 4 years. I am sick and tired of it. What can I do to leave in peace without all that nonsense?

  9. Wrong. I feel awesome I feel Gorgeous I attract nobody. 45 years I’ve believed that and nothing.

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