LoA Success Stories with Aaron Doughty | Manifestation Monday | Leeor Alexandra

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  1. I didn’t mention it in this video, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR 100K! I am planning 3 different giveaways right now to celebrate! This week we’re going to have a vegan bento box video and then the Q&A with Aaron so stay tuned! I love you my lights!

    • Natural Beauty Within

      Leeor Alexandra I can’t wait for the vegan bento box video!

    • Natural Beauty Within

      I remember in 2016 when I first saw you on YouTube, I thought your quality of videos was amazing. I kept wondering why you didn’t have thousands of subscribers! And I honestly didn’t subscribe then. But then YouTube suggestions kept bringing you back to me in 2017. So glad I finally subscribed!

    • Leeor Alexandra 100k !!!! ♥️☘️🙏🏻

    • Madison Controversial

      Leeor Alexandra congrats on 100k, you are changing people lives

    • Congrats on 100k! You came a long way already

  2. Can you script on your phone?

  3. She looks a bit like Courtney kardashian

  4. My favorite law of attraction YouTubers in one video ❤️

  5. U guys look cute together 🤗

  6. Healing Heart Sol

    Omg. As I was watching this video I started thinking about my own manifestation atempts and I realized that when I had tried to manifest $5000 I never believed it would happen, so I set the intention to manifest $1000 instead because that seems more attainable and I wasl also thinking about how it’s important to allow it to happen in ways that I may not foresee and this girl I contacted months ago about working on a ebook with me contacted me back literally the second I finished that thought. Looks like that’s how I’m manifesting my $1000 lol


  8. When your favorite spiritual teachers make a collab. My heart celebratessss!!!!

  9. Thank you Leeor 😘

  10. Thank you for the manifestation Monday mug 😘

  11. Anushka Chaturvedi

    Seeing this after 2 years, you both still so amazingggggg!!! I just feel so positive seeing you both!! Sending positive vibes!!!

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