Magnetizing What You Want From the Quantum Field – Law of Attraction

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  4. I am abundant and blessed I am a lottery winner The universe has blessed me richly and I give thanks and grateful always to the universe Amen

  5. Omg 👑o👑… th😍nk you th😍nk you th😍nk you…I love cleanse and appreciate my chakras..omg unstoppable will be my middle name smh..l😁l..

  6. Brilliant

  7. I love this channel! I’ve been telling so many people about it!

  8. i hav been wondering so much (till i cry, sometimes) about how did i attract what i have been having? i understand.. yet i don’t get it somehow. it’s frustrating, sometimes, when you think you’v understood it but no… not really. 😟😳😭 at times i would how some experiences that making me happy/joyous come, because i obviously attract them, but some..I just don’t get it. hope you understand what i am tryna say here, will you help me understand it better? TQ & love you all 💓

    • I watched this video as a reminder for me. This is actually the simplest and summary on how we usually attracts and creates our reality. If you want a broaden explanation, look for gregg braden divine matrix(youtube) combined with a scientific explanation on how our thoughts and feelings affects our reality. I think its a 4hrs video seminar but ul be amaze on how it works in our daily lives. Hope it helps.

      Or if you wanna try abraham hicks teachings. Its complicated at first but in a long run you will notice how it is super easy to do it.

  9. Thank “U”

  10. It’s true that you must be clear in your intention or the universe will give you the wrong thing.

    My experience:. I want to be rich so I vividly pictured myself opening my wallet to find many hundred dollar bills in there.

    I figured that such imagery indicates that I am rich.

    I did not picture $1,000 bills or $10,000 bills because the U.S. Mint no longer print such large denominations.

    Guess what? A few days later, my wife had to withdraw $500 cash to give to me to pay bills and she placed five $100 bills in my glove compartment.

    I then placed those bills in my wallet and fulfilled my intention of seeing exactly that!

    I am still not rich.

    Be careful what you focus on.

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