Make 2015 Your BEST Year – Reaching Goals

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  1. Thank you sir right back at ya!

  2. Happy new year Bob.

  3. Parduman Kassiedass

    You’re right. I never thought I would write 282 beautiful songs. I have no intention of stopping. P.K.

  4. Thank you Bob met you twice at Bellagio it was an honor !

  5. Happy new year Bob!

  6. hi Bob i was hoping maybe you could help me out, i have see a lot of your videos and i would like some advice from you on some things i hope you’ll read this if you can get back to me please do i have a ton of questions for you about everything hope you had an amazing and blessed new years God bless you 🙂 

  7. How in the world does this man keep getting better looking???  Most people’s appearance decline as they age. Bob looks fresher with every video. 

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