Make 2017 Your Best Year EVER

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  1. Hi guys! I hope you are doing great, and I’m sure you are!!!
    One (first) question, what do you recommend about the goal card: writing only one goal at a time? some of them? or all of them?

    THANK YOU both very much for sharing this!!!
    Is there any other way to contact you?
    I am Mexican, live in Mexico City, English is my second language and have some other questions; mainly because of language misconceptions.
    I would also love to be 1:1 coached by you; is it possible?

    Best Regards,
    Alberto E

  2. I was never concerned about my component that has a thousand moves – I was always concerned about the component that practised one move a thousand times! Bruce Lee – Nice

  3. It’s amazing the opportunities that we find for change – thanks to motivational speakers, we can master our own attitude, views and focus. Having watch, read, written – I know that at sixty four, I am just starting to live. Controlling my mind, I do ninety nine percent fo the time but it’s not enough. I seek 100% control and yes, I would love to meet and work with Bob Proctor, now that I know what he does, I can understand myself better – why I think as I do. Awesome

  4. thanks two person explain some shit, and for that we made up shit for listener, seriously no more again, again paradigm shit.

  5. earl nintigale talk dead that time, i think did we still listen a thing called motivation. seriously whatever, but it is so stupid goes on those shit seminar at all.

  6. thanks. hlepful really

  7. Thank you so much Awesome Bob

  8. I watched the whole video I hope to see results in my life

  9. that is a great vídeo from Bob group .

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