“Make A List And It Will Manifest!” (Law Of Attraction!)

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  1. Love this and I love the fact of the private desires with the universe ❤️

  2. Gratitude🙏❤🙏

  3. Could someone give a basic script of what the format of the list could look like?

  4. Their is a saying that goes, be careful what you wish for.

  5. Infinitely Blessed

    I miss those days when Justin used to upload the whole videos of manifesting for free

  6. I’m bout to do dis. 🏃🏾‍♂️

  7. I heard one time to say …” what does it look like to ….” and then you say what you want instead of saying I want or whatever has anyone tried this? I usually say I am now receiving and that works but I am curious if I can go bigger

  8. This works. I have written down several things to manifest for myself and they have all to my suprise come true. Not right away or all at once but they have definitely for a fact come true. Helpful tip: when you write stuff down post it on a wall so that you can see it everyday. Even if you dont consciously read it your eyes will see it and read it automatically if that makes sense. Secondly if you dont wish to post your writing up at least take the time to read through your writing on an occasional to frequent basis. The point is to keep your desires on your mind so that “You” can tune into those frequencies/vibration. At least this is how I go about it and I’ve seen results.

  9. C.C. Christy Matthews

    The made in a rush it was very disappointing I would’ve rather had that information on speaking and been aware of exactly what I was going to be allowed to listen to on this video however thank you for your info

  10. Facing multiple severe health problems for a long time now, and don’t know what to do,😔 and how can I use LOA to manifest perfect health and come out of these dreadful situation !! Plzls guide !!

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