Make YOUR Paradigm Shift! 💥 Bob Proctor

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  1. Proctor Gallagher Institute

    It’s not too late to join us for the #ParadigmShift LIVEstream event going on right now! Register now and also receive a full 14-day replay of this live changing seminar.

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    • Bob Proctor…so much of love n respect. N I’m not a person who gets influenced easily but, Sir u r the best mentor I’ve ever found n going forward all of my success ows to u.

  2. I didn’t understand everything but I have understood little bit about your business.

  3. Chapter on Paradigm and how to change them in my book Live Free : 

    There’s something that controls you. That something has the features of a living being. It is paradigm.
    A paradigm is a group of habits that has control your behavior and life. It is a mental program that is formed in childhood. Your whole life is a reflection of multiple paradigms because your paradigm influences your perception, influences how you use your time, influences the amount of money you earn, and influences your effectiveness, logic, and creativity.
    Paradigms are the mental patterns you get from your authorities. They are passed on from one generation to the next. They are stored in the subconscious and directly affect the vibration your body is in.

  4. I love hearing Proctor speak, so raw and so inspiring!

  5. A great man.

  6. “We’ve gotta do what’s inside of us. Let’s not go to the grave with the music still in us.”

  7. be peaceful in life life

    Thanks Bob God bless u

  8. Woow!
    So proud of you. What a man you are!

  9. Céu sou do Brasil e Bob eu curto muito seus vídeos , vou um dia fazer seus cursos e espero poder conhecê-lo pessoalmente, aqui é Maikon Douglas Kiister Plaster, falando de Cacoal, Rondônia, Brasil.
    Abraços de seu amigo.

  10. Bob Proctor on the beach. You was a positive player

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