Man, Mind, & Creation! (Powerful Information!)

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  1. You are the supreme divine thought from the beginning. That’s the Good News.

  2. Girija Prasanna Mallick

    I hitted the 💯 th like of this video..🤗

  3. Subhajit Banerjee

    A man can do what a man can’t do.

  4. Wise words…thank you for spreading this message

  5. Hannah Reji Koshy

    Thankyou ‘YouareCreators’ for uploading such incredible Videos .

  6. Love your chanell….

  7. First comment

  8. Positively, Positive

    Great video❤

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  10. 432 Hz Hidden Harmini

    yee it looks like your back with consistent uploads! love your work justing your literally my virtual mentor! Probably watched almost all of your work! youre mastermind class is amazing and has been helping me so much manifesting! keep doing you bro! Nameste! one love – BIG Mini! YEEEEEEEER 432Hz 4E

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