Manifestation Journaling: SCRIPTING with the Law of Attraction

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  1. Do I have to write in my mother language or can I write using another language that I love??

  2. dang they made you take the clip out

  3. Do I have to write this by hand like can I write it on my phone in notes?

  4. Love your energy!!! This was a great video. I just stumbled on it. I also heard of scripting before but I didn’t know there was a name for it. Anyways, I was wondering, do I need a separate scripting or manifestation journal for this? Or can I use the same journal that I use for writing down my thoughts, poems, doodling etc?

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  8. YOU are lightttt!🦋🦋


    I had no job and even a penny at that moment when I wrote. It was 6 years ago. Now I am the second billionaire in my country. I have many companies in three countries. Now you remind me this method so that I am going to write for my dream lady. Thanks thanks thanks

  10. Im from philippines

  11. Tiyetta Daughter of a King


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