Manifestation Monday: Attracting a move to another city, a perfect place & money! | Leeor Alexandra

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  1. I need this I’m trying to move to Atlanta!!!!

  2. 〽Blooming Fields〽

    I’m living in New Zealand in beautiful nature in my dream home😉

  3. i love how loved you make me feel

  4. Your video is right on time! I never knew about this….I can’t wait to start putting these tips into practice and watch what the universe brings back to me😁

  5. I want to move back to my hometown Mombasa in Kenya or Kisumu another city in Kenya I grew up in…hopefully I can figure out how to get back

  6. You inspired me to start my channel and hope one day I can be as big as you and meet you! I love your positivity and absolutely love your calm happiness

  7. I am moving to Canada with my family! It worked !!

  8. I will be living and working in California by August 2020.

  9. but can you manifest someone else moving back home to where you are? please i can’t hurt anymore.

  10. I’m manifesting moving to charlotte to live In the city so thank you!

  11. Trying to move to the Netherlands, lived there for a year and before that been there twice. I absolutely love it there.

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