Metaphysical Principles of The Secret – Law of Attraction

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  1. Checkerzzz gaming Hi

    Reading but using this for only good it takes me a day then I get what I need always only for the greater good waiting till Saturday

  2. Dylan McAllister

    Love and prosperity to all the law of attraction has helped me go from being broken down financially and emotionally and got me to living in prosperous environment focus on what you want and love and continue to grow love you all

  3. Thank You God for blessing me with 450,000,000 dollars Gracias mi Padre porque he ganado la lotteria 450,000,000ドルで私を祝福してくれてありがとう

  4. best video yet with much more clarity

  5. Tanveer Chowdhury


  6. Thank you Rhonda

  7. THANKS.

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