Mind & Body Reboot for the New Year – 11 Things I’m Doing in 2019

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  1. Great Video as always! I’m going to make 2019 my year! Where is your coin necklace from? I love it!

  2. I’m so grateful I found your channel! For me, 2019 is the year of ABUNDANCE. 🙏

  3. Farnaz Daneshvaran

    hi leeor what does the star under the word “light work” mean?

  4. Thank you for this amazing video!!! I love you!!

  5. I intend to be way more spiritual this year and meditate. This is going to be a year of self development

  6. What kind of tea do you drink in the morning? Tea first thing on the morning or on an empty stomach always makes me nauseous. I’d love to switch to tea in the morning instead of coffee but haven’t found anything that doesn’t make my nauseous. Any suggestions?

  7. Hello Leoor, i would like to know how your detoxing week went and how it impacted your start for the new year

  8. Love you so much binge watching because I am new to the channel. What kind of contacts are you wearing? They are mesmerizing.

  9. Beautiful with and without makeup!

  10. Leeor ain’t no sag. She such a cap in the best of ways 💕

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