My Doppelganger Always Arrives Before Me…” (Parallel Universe?)- Down The Rabbit Hole! Episode 16

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  1. Hope when he went to prison,
    other prisoners don’t say.
    Back Again🤣🤣🤣

  2. Yup, recently saw a dude that wanted to know how I got across town so quickly:) He had just seen and spoke to me across town:)

  3. Same exact thing going on with me. Same bartender conversation.

  4. I used to get that I looked like someone people knew. It got kind of worrisome. 🙂

  5. Timelines are shifting. The looking Glass technology is real. Alice in wonderland. 
    Recovered from Roswell crash in 1941. Stargates, ….it’s a trippy universe! 
    The timelines shifted in 2012.
    Q anon / highest level of military intelligence has confirmed this recently. 


  6. I would of tried to get some camera footage

  7. Let It Be Brenda Gail

    wow I don’t think that happens to me to often that someone just saw me the previous day!!

  8. I’m saving up for Justin’s masterclass course. Does anyone have a mastermind group I can join?

  9. we're all space aliens

    I’ve had many people say they recognise me or seen/met me before… and sometimes i feel the same way so i don’t know if I’m just jumping parallel universes

  10. Fight club?

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