My Parallel “Self” Called my Job! (Parallel Universe Glitch?) Down The Rabbit Hole: Ep2

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  1. Great story ,keep em coming.

  2. I had a similar kind of experience to weeks ago. Booked to attend a cinema with my family. But because of other activities we would not be able to attend the cinema. My wife asked to cancel and ask for a refund. Well I tell my wife is okay they could keep the money, I would not call them.
    Well a week before the due date, I received a notification of a refund process from this company. I was surprised, told my wife about the refund and that is it. However, the following week after the refund, I received an email asking me to give my opinion on the customer service I received during my call I had with them the previous week about my refund.

    I was surprised because first I never called them to cancel, and second, I never asked for a refund.
    However I did not mention all these points, and filled the survey about my ‘supposed call’.

    So who called? Who requested a refund?

  3. The same exact thing happened 2 me this morning man!!! Wow wtf!!!!!

  4. Good to know I’m not the only one who’s experienced this lol❗️❗️

  5. Eckingtonwashdc Washington DC

    Whoa! 🙂

  6. Mind blown.

  7. More SBT stories from Mr.Mind?

  8. Love these. They are freaky, but not scary so you can sleep afterwards :p

  9. I love your videos my man but this story sounds made up! Its smart because it makes people think outside the box. This is the beginning of a great sci-fi novel

  10. If you cant prove it it didnt happen

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