Neville Goddard and The Great Awakening of Mankind (Awake, O Sleeper!) Law Of Attraction

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  2. I think we are humans! Do not forget, I said “I think”

    • Eye Core
      You are right *we think we are humans.* Being human is the illusion that the Ego created to combat the fear of loneliness because our 5 senses are incapable of experiencing the collective consciousness of which we are still a part. We are in a hall of mirrors, seemingly separated from our fellow travelers and all we can see around us is the projection of our own fears and bias. Alleviate your fears and eliminate your bias and all the mirrors separating you from your fellow travelers fall away.

    • @Robyn Annan well said, and thank you for replying to my comment expressing your opinion.

  3. Myriam Valenzuela

    How blessed we are to understand and have access to this teachings. We create our reality 🙌🏼🙂

  4. This is amazingly full of nonsense. People are so easy to manipulate!

    • This is the hidden TRUE…no prob if u don’t believe it, is just not your time

    • @christopher S I think there is a difference between being positive and being delusional. And why are you blaming her?? After all you guys “create ur reality” so maybe u “attracted” her “negative” comment lol.

    • @The RealDeal love begets love and positivity is a higher frequency than negativity, therefore canceling out negativity. Positivity cannot “attract” negativity, only positivity. Similar to two magnets, like poles pull towards each other while opposite poles repel and cannot be forced to even touch for and instant. So, Mr. “Real Deal,” your theory has been proven to be invalid. Peace and Blessings to you.

    • @The RealDeal And just for the record, I didn’t blame her for anything. I simply asked her two questions, then offered my opinion. And, as you are probably aware, opinions are like assholes because EVERYBODY has one. You just demonstrated this fact by stating your opinion.

    • You are free to choose. Even in the Bible some did not believe. Either way you are still the expression of the Creator.

  5. Gabriel Broadway

    This ✨ ❤️❤️❤️

  6. How amazing would this be to Access powers that can create our own reality amongst our own family. I can imagine why it would be dangerous for everyone to know that they are gods and able to use certain powers to do bad things with it. But in my imagination I believe it will be amazing for me because I would do so much good within this world for my own family friends and love ones and people that I randomly meet that this would be amazing. I love dreaming and using my imagination and really all it is is using our imagination I love the story it makes sense to me. Create your own story that’s what everybody’s doing we all don’t know what’s true until we die so why not create your own story believe it and manifest it because after all your belief is your all perception which is your reality. End of story.Even though there’s a lot of things in the Bible that I don’t understand but I don’t look to man I look to God to reveal things to me and I focus on positive things even though there’s so much bad things going on in this world but I don’t bring that into my reality because I focus on the good and what I want to Co-create with God in my life in my own life and that makes the world a better place because it’s truly my world that I’m living and experiencing. Just like it’s your world as well and what you believe is your perception and you can co-create your Reality with the help of God as well. So don’t focus on too much negative energy focus on stuff that can make your world a better place on the time that you have on this earth. That’s it and it’s a simple as that.Things to make you go ummmmmmmm!

  7. Neville himself said when they hear these TRUTHS some will dismissed him as crazy but not me. Neville’s interpretation of the bible is just mind blowing. Absolutely love this one

  8. Prunelle Assi, at some point in time I was just like you girl. I urge you don’t be too quick to dismiss this as bullshit. Allow yourself to be open minded. Try listening to some more of his lectures and teachings and see what happens.

  9. This is the hidden truth 🗝️🙏only the awaken can know it for sure…all the others will doubt till they will be awaken too…❤️❤️💚💙💙💚🧡🧡💛💛💛🧡

  10. can anyone summarise me ??I listed the whole video,,,I am still confused

    • Mitch Horowitz has some books that summarize Neville’s thought pretty clearly. Basically your imagination is God and you manifest your reality through your desires, if I’m understanding correctly myself.

  11. That’s a lie. The father of lies, satan.

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