Neville Goddard | How To Use Your Imagination to Create Your Reality | New Video 2016

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  1. Good information..I enjoyed listening

  2. Thanks for putting Neville’s record online. His methods work!

  3. Is this like the law of atraction?

  4. I love Neville

  5. This was taken from one of those marvelous red vinyl records from 1960. The audio quality of both sides of the record is superb, and I thank everybody who put this on YT. Never get tired of hearing it!!!

  6. Cameron Alexander

    Language has changed a lot in 50years

  7. thank you..

  8. that means no one is real because its only my imagination ?

  9. Oooo eres maravilloso te escucho estoy aprendiendo ingles

  10. I love listening to his voice so comforting.

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