New Home” Affirmations! (Manifest your dream home!) ~ 432 Hz

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  1. lorato mapeshoane

    I have more than enough to afford my dream home,my dream home comes easily an effortlessly and fast.thnk u God fr my dream home.

  2. I don’t want a mortgage… I want if fully paid!

  3. I’m in my own home right now

  4. Thank you universe, Epstein’s mansion is mine!!

  5. Tingles !!! I love this ! 👏🏼

  6. WIN $2.8 MILLION Grand Prize! HOME Lotery.Thanks😱🍾🥂

  7. Materialism at its finest. We should be focused on things that actually matter rather than wealth and materialism. I love alot of your videos and its your channel but just please dont lead people down the road of modern day slavery.


  9. you are really so nice person to convince law of attraction so i like your speech very much

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