Picking Bob Proctor’s Brain – The SECRET to Winning in Life | LIVE Q&A

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  1. Love it ❤

  2. Boosting is more and more given no use do positively, learn positively ,say positively ,think positively , present positively ,positive means it is not hurdles.yshk viswanatham MscBed you created un happy in my life .nothing to change my life .your life 85% to 95% happily change but you promised but you failed in your work you have no faith on human you feel yourself greatness but you are feeling for some time only your life is well o.k my life is changing my self only your nothing help others keep it at your account .don’t do help others more boosting stop what you give now or then or when zero presented only you have no eligible to presentation.o.k all the best to you.yshk viswanatham MscBed Rtd teacher.

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  6. sandeep ashwin dixit

    You always says to eliminate fear creat understanding and study …… So study what???????

  7. I am always grateful for this legend man thankyou for asking great questions.. Sir you can change millions of lives through this video

  8. This is a treasure chest of wisdom and experience thanks 🤗 a ton dear sir Bob proctor

  9. KaRaYaSaTaHaLa Krysthl Hadryan

    Love you Bob Proctor love the message always have always will I am not tripping on any psychedelics right now but I am tripping on the back round wn that is moving. is it moving? or am I tripping. Lol

  10. genius

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