POWERFUL 3 Step Law of Attraction Exercise to Help You MANIFEST WHAT YOU WANT FASTER!

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  1. Ok this is all great but I can’t have the career I want because I am legally blind now and can’t drive , So how do I make change when a monkey wrench is thrown into the mix and now have to rethink on what can I do now? This is my dilemma that gives me self doubt now


  3. Hi, thank you for all these helpful videos. I only have one small note, which is, you use some negative self describing phrases such as ” I can do that ” or ” I’m not good enough to be that” the thing is, I like to listening to your videos while sleeping. and I don’t wanna these phrases to have a negative influence on my subconscious. anyway thank you so much.

    • Hi yanemine. Thank you for your comment. My intent is to help others discover what blocks them, heal those things and then replace them with new, positive mindsets. A lot of law of attraction information is solely centered in staying positive, which is great! However, that type of information doesn’t get to the underlying root cause of what a person must change in order to have real success in manifesting what they want. I agree that portions of some of my exercises are probably not suitable to impress the subconscious mind while sleeping. Please see the meditations I’ve created for this type of impression. I will be coming out with more meditations very soon!

    • Thank you so much for your answer. I only have one small request. and that is can Lee do more narration of your videos because I really love his voice. thanks again.
      Love from Morocco.


  5. This is amazing thank you!

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