Powerful! Mind Secrets you MUST know! – The Key To Permanent Change (Law of Attraction)

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  2. I now allow myself to have… so be it, it is done

  3. <3!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 🙏thank u …I closed my eyes and listened to dis and it felt like God himself is speaking through…. It was amazing experience.🙏

  5. I’ve study a wicca for many years, and his steps sound a lot like minor spell, I love it!

  6. Grand rising, this is Amazing. I’ve listened 3 times already since 11:42pm until now. Thankh you. This will be among my daily ritual to keep me focused 😊😊💕

  7. Very well explained ,thank you !

  8. Well conveyed message dude !

  9. I just love his narrative DISNEY voice.

  10. Immortal words of Earl Nightingale..We become what we think about

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