POWERFUL: Wealth & Prosperity Affirmations (Play While you sleep!)

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  1. best out there, thank you!

    • Аrе Yоu Оn Тhе Раth Tо Ultimаtе Lifе Suссеss? РОWЕRFUL Weаlth Рrоsреritу Affirmаtiооns Рlау Whilе уоu slееер

  2. grateful for everything

  3. I am gonna listen to this everyday

  4. I love this!!

  5. TopTen IndianYoutubers

    yesterday i listened to this and now i have 1000 dollars which my aunt gifted me

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  7. luv this video!!!

  8. No the voice just didn’t do it for me :-/

  9. I have more than i needs

  10. Day traders unite!

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