Proctor Vibes “Act The Part” | Earl Nightingale

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    • I’ve learnt the power of visualization! I love you Bob you’re the father I never had 🥰

    • Truly any and every syllable that is formed through your vocal cords you have brought about and I pray that you continue and so much Authority yes bring it about that light the light is within power and the power is knowledge wisdom and understanding their paths that we’ve all gone down and every truly come to the place of our Crossroads as we would ask herself is this what it’s all about and individuals such as yourself would the timely message that’s been created deep within your heart thank you we two listeners yes your listeners shall rise above thank you very much God bless you

    • You know in a n essence we all I’ve been given a gift it’s the idea that as we hone in on it we have the ability to be simply because we have chosen and we continue to choose to be one must first do and that do is implementing that which is lacking maybe courage may it be in sight there are many individuals waiting to meet you waiting to assist you this is the Clarion call and Whisper yes small still whisper from almighty God

    • Bob could you make more affirmations videos please like the 8 hour long you have, about being at the perfect weight. Thank you for changing lives God bless you and your family 🥰❤️

    • I’d love more videos with these kinds of background beats…

  2. did anyone noticed 01:18
    Btw listening 6th time.

  3. In order to manifest the things you desire, you have to shift from thinking of your goal to thinking from your goal already fulfilled, *think and act like the person you want to become*

  4. This beat hits harder than my dads belt🤫

  5. Love that!

  6. All your content is superb quality, Bob Proctor <3

  7. Love it! Great refresher.

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