Proctor Vibes “Heaven’s First Law” | Bob Proctor

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  2. Tanaya's Insight

    Hey you beautiful soul reading this,
    If someone has ever made you question your worth because of your appearance, have a look at the video I uploaded?
    It might help. 🙂 also, thank you ♥️

  3. I love you bob. thank you.

  4. “Cleanliness(order) is next to godliness”

  5. Nerdi_ Brilliant Idea

    Hello deficit why nobody want to pay you off oh well I don’t want no fame I just want to accomplish pay the deficit so here the blue print selling 90000 shares for the asking prices of $800,000,000 per-shares just ask ur-self what was deficit of twenty five trillion when this deal closes…❤ peace✌ and harmony🙏

  6. What’s with the music? It practically overshadows what’s said by Bob.

  7. Loved it Bob.. Thank you. Every day I’m better & better. I am getting my things in order. My mind in order.

  8. Why did you bail on your friend Ellen video with a little backlash? Aren’t we suppose to live our lives not on the opinions of others? SAM

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