Prosperity is an Inside Job! -By Rev Ike ( Law Of Attraction)

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  1. I love how he spoke of himself in 3rd person. “when I wake up in the morning, I listen to rev. ike’s tapes”

  2. I visualized getting a job in University. I applied there was called for interview. I was really happy was feeling that it’s becoming reality but it’s been long I haven’t got any response from uni . İ visualize everyday getting a call but at the same time I feel so frustrated and negative.

    • Reema Rao Every time you become frustrated- as that is a negative trait you inadvertently remove the good that you desire. So you have to start again. Stop lusting for results and listen to Rev Ike mp3’s at

    • Reema Rao : You r killing the blessing coming to u dead in its tracks when u throw the frustration/negativity in there. Stop doing that and watch more Rev. Ike and Justin video’s. Peace and 💘.

  3. Ur mind must prosper b4 ur behind can prosper. Seek ye first the kingdom of god n his righteousness and All these things things shall be added.

  4. amazing message

  5. Yes, yes…. shalom 🙏

  6. It’s my time. . Rev Ike God bless🙏

  7. Relaxing Music Heaven

    I am rich. I am money. I am prosperous.

  8. Amen

  9. Fredrick Williams

    Even as your soul prosper!
    Your mind must prosper before your behind prosper!
    Work on your inner man!
    Get busy, by affirmation from the heart!
    Envision how you actually feel about yourself.
    1st get it in your mind.

  10. This sounds like his son, not Rev Ike himself (to me)

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