Prosperity Paradigm Formula 11 Steps to Create Your Reality – Law of Attraction

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  1. 50.03 min – there are some other statements, that you can really do it just by imagination and the universe brings it to you. Dr Joe Dispenza would say this.

    • Thank you so my brother you have bless me and everyone that has responded! I love that you love and you shall prosper immensely!

  2. 23.10.2016
    Thanks brod Leslie for such a powerful affirnation of my being a limitless or infinite creator as you said and as channeled by a lot of Great Beings, namely: the Lord Melchizedek, Lord Yahushua, AAngel Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, St. Germain, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Many Masters from the galactic nations whose channeled messages were based on my daily posted testimonies and manifestations. I know that “I AM” Presence lives in me, that is why miracles, signs and wonders accompanied the worshippers who had faith in tge Son of Godm when I pronounced blessing through the laying on of my hand. (Pls. visit my “El Shaddai Healing Ministry”, Sampagita1.
    I have been looking for somebody who has congregations of Christian believers. The illuminati has blocked my newlly opened 3rd e-mail address since May 2016, so this was the ’cause and effect’ of my success in life, so to speak. Good that I have my channel, Sampagita1, where I continously share my amazing testimonies and manifestations, not only to the planet Earth, but to the entire Universe, per their reports.
    I should appreciate it so much, brod Leslie, if you could help me in this matter. I just need awakened souls as my audience. pls. contact: Jessie Kucharski, Peter-Behrens- Str. 46, 64287 Darmstadt, Germany. I should gave given you my email address, if it has not been blocked. But I still have noted down your email and will try to contact you. The Lord bless and keep you.
    With much love and light,
    Lady Master

  3. Very inspiring !
    Thank You.


  5. I hear abraham ♥

  6. I find myself spending a lot of time alone. Because so many people are so negative. So I tend to try an avoid them.

    • Then… that is your creation and you’re free to enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy this reality you have the power to change it! 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for “Dumbing this Down”

  8. this is fantastic thanks for the upload

  9. Thank you so much for this it is wonderful, you are gifted

  10. A lot of people are not even interested in learning these ideas and facts, because it’s too much thinking and work. Some people are content with wishful thinking and settling for whatever good comes their way. I have already explored all of these ideas, and as I was discovering the truths and significant facts, most friends and family had no interest or wow factor. What a bunch of mindless people out there. No concern or respect for how things work, and then they wonder why they struggle with simple everyday living.

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