Psycho-Cybernetics Book Club Review!

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  1. I read this book a few years ago. Definitely going to read it again.

  2. Winners never Quit

  3. Self belief, alone time & action. THANK YOU! YES NEVER STOO LEARNING!

  4. I love that Maltz was a plastic surgeon & how he made such an impact in another field. Been rock’n with this book for 5+ years. Earl Nightingale is my guy also. Peace Justin.

  5. Brooklyn Style ☑️

    Rosemary’s baby

  6. i love your home

  7. Justin , i want to see your car collection please

  8. That book is 👍. It helped me develop a good golf swing too!

  9. The way your stairs look is…
    Tony Montana
    Say hello to my little friend!!!

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