Quantum Physics Confirms: Consciousness Creates Reality!

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  1. Physics. 1


  3. Whut? Peptides?… Naughty peptides. I hate bad peptides. It’s Adam and Eve’s fault now. I’m too addicted to my naughty peptides. Oh crap..now you’re telling me to read a book. Thanks for nothing. 😂

    Sorry everybody…I’m going to give it a try. I’m just upset over 2 deaths in my family and serious illnesses of others in my family. Hang in there everyone.

  4. I think der are subliminal messages embeded behind thia video. I heard a very low frequency female voice in the background.

  5. World is full of negativity
    How much hard u try to be positive never going to work

  6. My thoughts of All the people in my life I see them in light. Instead of negativity. The more we do to think positive of those around us. I feel the more in tune I am with those close to me. So I do use this method of others in my life. I chose to be POSITIVE IN THE LIGHT WITH MY LOVE ONES.

  7. I am the only one who thinks in my head and therefore I am the powerful creator of my reality

  8. HOGWASH!😂

  9. Hindus are telling this for 12000+ yrs. Physics is just rediscovering it now. No heaven, hell or, god. Everything is interaction superfields of energy. Panchamahabhutas which make up everything living or nonliving is an interplay of these superfields with another superfield called Higgs Boson. Law of karma operates via entanglement. Asathomas Sathgamaya, Thamasona jyothirgamaya…..

  10. Consciousness creates reality…

    Yeah I hope so.

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