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  1. love it

    • cissabutterfly Hey I’m 19, and I got to spend time and hang out with Bob here in Toronto! Would you like to get close to bob and learn how to generate Multiple sources of income?

  2. Loved this video! I hope everyone is having a great day:)

  3. I know you not going to answer my question,but I ask.
    I’m listening to you for last 1 year.
    You keep saying same thing over and over again (4K to 1 million k over a year)
    Give me real examples from real people man.
    Our brain doesn’t take any thing without examples!
    I listen to you every day,I get inspired,I turn off my headphones and go to work,baaaang same things starts:problems after problems!
    I changed my paradigm but still getting same things!!!
    Only people who make money on these staff are people who teaching them!!!
    Because they charge hell of money in each seminar.
    I offer a work for you!
    Make a video with real testimony people.
    I’m not a negative person but really tired of trying to change my life.
    I hope someone will show you this comment.

    Cheers Bob

    • Mix Vid ->
      Ok then I’m sorry bro, if you don’t believe it and want an instant “quick fix” for your problems then just leave. Bob doesn’t have to prove this to anyone, Think And Grow Rich speaks for itself if you want to see the BIGGEST testamonies & that is the book Bob has been reading EVERY DAY for the last 57 years, so it be a good idea to catch a HINT.

      6 Minutes is a good program but I’ve found the Streaming Club to be ALOT more helpful as it’s a weekly event that answers the biggest FAQ from Bob directly. I know it might be frustrating for you, I know life might suck… trust me we didint look up Bob because our life was CANDY LAND but trust me when I tell you I’ve followed everyone from Tony Robbins all the way to to Tai Lopez and NOBODY brings you a more complete package than Bob!

      Get the Think and Grow Rich book, audiobook, Bob’s You Were Born Rich Book, and read them every day their FREE, Earl Nightingale’s Strangest secret is here on YouTube for FREE too….hell even the Born Rich Seminar which does WAYYYY IN DEPTH Bob has uploaded here on YouTube for FREE on this channel! You don’t have to spend ALOT of money you just have to know we’re to look.

      Attend this upcoming Fourth Dimension Seminar (if you can) ESPECIALLY if you just missed the last one he did called Paradigm Shift. Like Bob said, if you don’t put in the work you don’t deserve the reward, how about YOU be the TESTIMONY of this material for a change and stop waiting for other people to validate things for you, Bob has personally proven this works.

      If not then just leave, MOVE on and quit bxxching bro!!!! I tell you this not to be rude but because I LOVE YOU because GOD DAMN you sound just like the old me & all I needed was a swift kick in the @$$ to get started! Good look πŸ™‚

    • Mix Vid I’m not here to sell, rather im here to serve. I understand your situation and it reminded of how I was a couple months back.. Listen what you need to do is take ACTION. The law of attraction can only work if you move into action, if you don’t theres no attraction. Its simple yet highly misunderstood. I can genuinely help you for free if you reach out to me.

    • Lorenzo Juarez
      Thanks for your reply and I appreciate that.
      Unfortunately no one didn’t get what am I mean.
      I’m saying I did my best in last one year,I read ,practice and read and practice.
      But why instead of improving I’ve lost my marriage,I’ve lost my business and I’ve lost all my money!!!
      Life supposed to go to other side!!
      I didn’t want to change quickly but I think one year with good amount of faith is a reasonable time to see at least something!!you know what am I mean?
      I’m lost man,I’m lost.
      I don’t know.
      By the way,can you please tell me about your changes a little bit?


    • Mix Vid I see, you don’t attract what you want, rather you MUST attract what you are. That means you need to already ACT as if it were what you have. Live the imagination every day as if it were your reality! And regarding your past negative experiences..maybe you were growing and your environment wasn’t. The people and everything were not in harmonious vibration with the higher frequency that you reached..

    • Young Mastermind
      Look young man,you don’t have any experience as you are 19 in your life.
      Talk to me when you are under 400k debt and destroyed marriage and one kid.
      Put yourself in this position and think you already have!!
      Any thing to say?

  4. Greetings Mr. Bob, you are an amazing MAN!! you and all your videos have changed my life just like day and night,,, everytime I watch your videos I get tears of joy in my eyes :’)
    Me and My family sincerely thank you for all the wonderful videos you make!!
    Sir May the Almighty God Bless you always!!
    I have a strong feeling/believe that you(Mr. Bob) will reply to my comment and your reply would make me the happiest person on the planet earth!! LOOKING FORWARD FOR YOUR REPLY πŸ™‚

    • Hey derick, I’m Muhammad Ali and if you check out my latest video I was with bob in Toronto. I’m only 19 but I get access to him for free because I work with his wife and generate multiple streams of income. You can contact me and we can connect!

  5. P.S
    I have a strong feeling/believe that you(Mr. Bob) will reply to my comment and your reply would make me the happiest person on the planet earth!! LOOKING FORWARD FOR YOUR REPLY πŸ™‚
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  6. [_],,~β„’ Making it easy makes sense~πŸ’¨πŸŒŽπŸ‘€

  7. is there a live stream option?…

  8. Thank u Bob! Greetings from Montenegro!

  9. Regina Hutchinson

    Bob you have changed my life. I love this Law of attraction

  10. Yes it’s easy to say it , but how ??how you can lead your self ? Hello Mr bop I’m student in management I’m in 1st stade.. thank you for your lessons

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