Remember Who You Are | Bob Proctor

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  1. Abdeldayem Medani

    أنت رجل فريد وعظيم وفقك الله في خدمة الجميع شكراً لك

  2. Bob gets it! 🙂

  3. That’s why a lot of people are concerned of their physical body or even old age and don’t know who they really are!

  4. Thank you Bob, one of the best videos, ever!!! Thank you for reminding us <3


    Who am I ?
    At least we know that we are a spiritual existence of being
    But what is the structure of a spiritual existence of being
    That is why our real existence of being is beyond percption

  6. The best man who gave hope, what seem possible to a man

  7. khadija mohammadi

    So beautifully powerful 🥰❣️❤️

  8. That, the mindset

  9. you are GOD send Bob,thank you for being born.

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