Reprogram Your Life | Bob Proctor

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  1. TSUBO aromatherapy & reflexology

    ❤️ Thank you Bob.

  2. Government, schools they will never teach us how to be as you are teach us thank you sir6

  3. Hariinesh Fabrics

    Thank you Bob broctor

  4. Good morning Mr. Proctor, My most sincere thank U to Your partner Miss Gallagher and Urr-self for the ringside seat U both have most gracious to facilitate for Me! I am truly humble & graciously honoured! U R both God’s greatest creation! I am forever grateful! Amen Norval from East York, On. Canada

  5. Can you please do tradition Arabic on your video’s and thanks.. Big Love From Moroccan Man 😘❤🇲🇦🇲🇦

  6. I don’t know if this happened coincidentally but this past week I tried Mr.Proctors advice on shifting the way I think. With that I was playing videos which speak about manifesting what you desire every night whilst I went to sleep. (All I care about is money and woman). When the weekend approached. My brother randomly gave me R200.00 and my instagram following is 80% women. I’m going to try this again to see if it really isn’t a coincidence.

    Thank you Mr. Proctor for your teachings because if this is all real. Then I’m destined to become a millionaire by 25.

  7. I’ve just listened to the secret on audible. Your name came up a lot!

  8. *95% of our actions are subconsciously controlled. When you learn to reprogram your subconscious mind for the success you want- your whole life changes! No more self sabotage, self doubt etc, you will always be consistent with the self image programmed in your mind*

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