Reprogram your mind for Passive Income in 21 days! (432 Hz +Affirmations!)

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  1. HIt the thumbs up button and say Me and Gerry are mutlimilionairs when I get the notifiacation i wll say Me and ______ are multimillionairs Thank you thank you Thank you. okay? let do this

  2. Zone {Tehuti Israel}

    Thanks for uploading this! Brilliant

  3. Not keen on the word “earn ” it doesn’t sit well for me in regards to passive income .


  5. 8 mins into listening I decided to go to the store I brought a lottery ticket and won $30 niceeeeeee….. I am a money magnet 🧲 i am grateful

  6. I have 7 apps in the AppStore. I make money while I sleep. I earn and receive over 1000$ a day in passive income. Learn swift language, boys.

    • after 7 nights listening to this:
      i barely understand what you are saying… when i wake up and lie in bed for the full duration just listening i feel like i lost my mind, same recording feels like muffled piece of shit with no meaning, just some guy practicing a very strong accent.
      same effect when you repeat one word for 100+ times – it just looses its meaning and sounds like random mouth noises.
      funny stuff, shit’s may be in my subconcious already
      easy niche app ideas are coming like crazy, btw
      thank you! 🙂

  7. Love this! Thank you for making this, man. Been watching your channel for a while now, and I love your uplifting content. I’ve been thinking – I am currently working towards attracting financial freedom, and I’ve been thinking about the best ways to help people attain this. Because each person’s perception and point of attraction can differ from person to person, I’ve been thinking that a most useful resource would be a compilation of testimonials from people who have already achieved financial abundance.

  8. I have 7 Streams of income,I have Mutliple streams of Passive income,I make money while I sleep,the Energy of money loves to be around me.Ideas are Always coming in my mind that Create Passive income, I make Passive income during what I Love! I am the master of Passive Income,I Enjoy the Time and Freedom my passive income provides for me,I Earn and Receive 200,000 a day (dollars a day) with my Passive Income,Every Second of the day I am making passive income

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