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  1. Recommended Video: How to CREATE a Law of Attraction MANIFESTATION ENERGY CIRCLE! (LIFE CHANGING Technique!)

  2. Great video!!! Thank you ❤

  3. Brilliant👌💜 Thank you.

  4. see video up date your internal blue print and this video will show you how to reprogram the memory cells via subconscious mind. it works great once you have your personal key word. 😉

  5. OMG!!! Your Universe, where were you??? You are my best friend. Your videos have a different approach and style. Please keep blessing me always……your die heart fan…..please reply

  6. How many reindeer does it take to pull that time machine?

  7. I like the message but the video of a guy practicing his fighting techniques is incompatible . Practicing injuring others goes counter to the purpose of this channel.

  8. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel free and peaceful. Excellent video tutorial. I did it for wealth.

  9. Can this work for reuniting my daughter and I?

  10. Its a great video.. your voice and ur contents’s clarity are probably making it tick… this video deserves more views and likes

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