Return of the Ex: Why Venus Retrograde Is Bringing Back Old Loves

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  1. I had a dream where one of my guides told me as I was waking up “remember Venus” so I wrote it in my dream journal and then a few days later you posted this and I thought it was so cool!
    Could you do more videos about Venus?

  2. Wow, this last couple of weeks have been challenging and now I understand why. I stopped talking to an ex who I believed was my twin flame, we have been together on and off but the relationship was worn out. So a couple of weeks ago he did something that really upset me and it was like a wake up call, I didn’t wanted that in my life anymore. It has been hard, but I know now is for the best 💕

  3. valentina bustos

    i saw my 1st bf few days ago and hung out with him and my friend. i am 19, i dated him when i was 15. What does this mean ? Idk why that happened

  4. Venus retrograde ended like 3 weeks ago lol

  5. Annaliese Hicking

    wait what my ex started texting me about 4 days ago and i’ve been dreaming about him

  6. this is legit what has been happening whattttttt

  7. So crazy… I’ve seen and been in contact with three of my exes in the past month.

  8. Me and my ex have been talking for a while and we had a conversation of what I’ve done wrong in the relationship. I see he still doesn’t see me as an individual, instead a being that is required to be follow what he prefers because of my title. Thank you for making it clear that I shouldn’t Invest in a relationship that isn’t allowing me to be my higher self.

  9. Hi Leeor! Thank you for all your messages, you energy is so positive✨ I was wondering if you could recommend any books about Venus? Thank you so much🙏❤️

  10. This is wild, I had a really strange dream about two of my ex’s and I woke up like ????

  11. Please read the Bible and leave all this nonsense alone! Stop worshipping the creation and worship the creator! ( God/Jesus ) Don’t @ me people! I saiid what I said! God bless!

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