Secrets About the Law of Attraction and Manifesting (That You May Not Know!) Powerful Info!

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  2. But, the problem is that I don’t know what I want. I don’t know how to figure out what I want. Can you please tell me how do I find my desire?

  3. Isara Psychic Studio

    Thank you. ❤🙏❤

  4. Thank you 🙏🦋♥️🌱🌞

  5. I am now happy, loving and thankful I attract large sums of money effortlessly with my perfect beautiful partner and child as we build our dream home and boat easily and quickly while we travel the world safely. Yes it is done.

  6. i been trying to manifest money and im trying to match the vibe of wealth….but i saw some videos that said if you get more excited about it, it would manifest ….but i dont feel exited from it…i feel secure and more confident but not excited…im scared because if i dont have exitment it will never manifest and feeling confident and secure isnt enough to bring it into reality…is it ok to not feel exitment….somone plzz help me

    • You don’t “have” to feel excitement. If money produces feelings of confidence and security for you, go with that! Not everyone is the same. Go with your gut! 🙂

  7. This is very much appreciated and I will implement this in my thought process.

  8. Thank you Universe, Thank you God, Thank you Neville Goddard for my extremely beautiful, wonderful and lavish life. I have full financial freedom. Thank you very much.

  9. Thank you 🙏

  10. Our Beliefs and Thoughts create Emotion in our body. Whatever emotion you have you act on it.. Actions lead you to your Dream Lifestyle. Change your Beliefs *Visualise* *your* *Future* and take Aligned Action. ♡

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