Seeing 11:11, 222, 777? Here’s Why… (The Secret Behind Numbers!)

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  1. Beautiful video… thanks

  2. justin… what if i keep on encountering…14and 15…almost several times of the day?

  3. It’s funny how lots of people seeing these numbers on yt. But don’t meet them in person.

  4. What you need is God in your life and repent of your sins .May the Lord Bless you my Dear.😁🌹🇭🇳⛪

  5. I have been seeing repdigits on youtube a lot for a while, but not outside of youtube. I thought this is funny. Right after watching this, i saw 666, 111 and 444 in the recommended videos. And also 911, somebody mentioned it, i don’t know if it means anything according to number philosophy.

  6. 11:11 is a wake up call from God, and I see those for 20 years.
    Triple numbers belong to the sons of God, 999 is Christ and the Holy Spirit, all others are the archangels, the sons of Christ and The Holy Spirit, including the 666, and it is NOT the number of the devil or Satan but Raphael, and the church and Satanists turned the 999 upside down, like they turn everything upside down that is holy and good, and Raphael will teach them soon a lesson they will never forget?.
    888 Israel
    777 Michael
    666 Raphael
    555 Gabriel
    444 Uriel
    333 Ariel
    222 Daniel
    111 Emanuel
    000 God, 3 times a circle, because God has no beginning and no end, like a zero, and times 3 , the trinity of God, power/wisdom and love all in one.
    If the 666 gives you discomfort, then that is because you believe it is bad, and hence you create your own bad reaction.

  7. I saw these numbers every day…. thanks

  8. my school ID “811” # is 811112779, i’ve had an extreme roller coaster ride of a semester. i had lost my mind when it started. I was an alcoholic living in a fraternity house (still do) and was trying to get things started with a girl who i think is the love of my life (she was dating a guy before but they broke up), i ended up hurting her so badly to the point where she wouldn’t speak to me. I was living a fantasy lie and devoting all of my energy into this girl and I ended up making the worst mistake of my life while drunk. I went completely sober for over a month, and only focused on my music. (i am a musician) i came across the law of attraction shortly after the mistake, and so many things started falling in line after that, so many coincidences, so many amazing things i’ve learned came to me and learning about energy and vibration and how it can be applied to music (and medical field even) changed my life. My dream is manifesting right in front of me, and I will use my music to heal the wounds i’ve created with this wonderful girl and use it to heal others and change the world in the process.

  9. I m seen 9999 many time yesterday

  10. Thanks 🙏🏻😇

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