Seminar Of The Century – Live Stream

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  1. I have registered for this seminar

  2. Juan Pablo Botero Arredondo

    Why this guy talks about a book he does not write?

  3. Truely motivational.

  4. Samstyle Entertainment

    I just watch it over and over again, because it is just such a motivator!!!!

  5. Hearing this gave me a chill in the spine. Love this man!!!

  6. I absolutely CAN NOT wait….

  7. Bob Bob Bob…

  8. Since he mentions we’re the highest form of creation on this planet, I wonder what his opinion is of Aliens. That’s probably too controversial for him to ever make a video on that subject. But I could be wrong, as I don’t personally know him.

    There’s lots of crazy new UFO sighting being uploaded to Youtube everyday. I saw unbelievable footage of a secret mission to Mars on what they found a few years ago. But I’m not saying it could be true. As tv now makes the impossible possible if you have a labtop, electricity to run the labtop when you need it, and the right video special effects software you can learn how to make the impossible possible. However my Magic videos I’ve recorded so far that isn’t all I know that are on my youtube channel here were not done with any special effects software.

    I like these short video. These are the kind that should always get you lots of views when their Short, Sharp, and Snappy like this one was.

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