Seth’s Metaphysical Guide to Financial Freedom! (Listen to this over and over…)

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  1. Thank you

  2. Lifestyle Design 2020

    Powerful, thank you so much for sharing. I’ve been so inspired by this
    wonderful channel that I have created my own to share even more on the
    Law of Attraction. I always follow back ❤

  3. I agree to this. How you perceive money will show how it will flow to you. I actually just posted a powerful meditation video about manifesting money fast using the law of attraction and it has been effective for me and my clients. You’ll be surprised how much Mindset can work miracles for you.

  4. Thanks for refreshing my memory, and helping me mentally shift back to a positive state.

  5. How to make time travel a good idea
    1. Invent time machine.
    2. Travel to the 23rd century.
    3. Invent a machine that can make probability certain that time travel is a good idea in the 23rd century.

  6. PREECH Avangelist

    I am feelin low right now Justin but thank you for saving my life hundreds of countless of times

  7. Love this voice❤️

  8. When we realize that everything is energy and that all that we want exists at a higher vibrational frequency – we begin to do things that align us with this energy more and more – and we then receive abundance in all areas of our lives including financial prosperity! Thank you :). Peace.

  9. Thank u

  10. My Intention Is Born


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