“STOP Letting Other People Create Your Reality!” (Justin Perry Breakdown)

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  1. Your wise Justin. I love you. We think alike. Blessings to your family and love ones. #purposedriven

  2. Thank you Justin, your opinion of me is none of my business. I am that I am, the most beautiful and exciting person I know.

  3. You are great!! I needed this I’m tired of being told what to do ALL the time!! I’m 30 and feel like I’m walking on eggshells nonstop. When I want to buy something, when I just want to hang out with my only friend once in a while it really does affect me to the core. 10 years now affecting me

  4. YouAreCreators!

  5. I always say other peoples opinions are none of my business who gives a what what they think go hard show love and forget the rest i got some good vids 4 yall

  6. hey man can we collab I have no subscribers but i have the $$$$$$$ it would honestly be a dream you’ve been a huge inspiration to me

  7. your channel is truly truly amazing and you have inspired me greatly to Express my true self ty.

  8. Thank You Justin! I am so very grateful for all your good works..you have helped me to transform my emotions and to learn to consciously create. YouAreCreatorsTV….just brilliant!

  9. Legless Rest Syndrome

    1:04 kinda paradoxical what you say bro.

  10. 💯💚☮️

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