STRENGTHEN Your Mental Atmosphere & MASTER Your Life! (law of attraction)

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  1. Your Youniverse

    Recommended Video: Law of Attraction Exercise – Train Your Subconscious Mind to Manifest Your Desires

  2. This was beautiful. Great words and great knowledge, always think positive thoughts, no matter the circumstance. That then transforms into positive and uplifting words, which then will transform into positive action. If you are always thinking good and realize that your outer world is but a mere perception of the mind and no matter what anyone thinks, speaks or does, you always have the choice weather to agree or disagree. You can only control yourself and your own thoughts. But you can also pray for others that they too can control their own thoughts and emotions, but you are the only one in control 100% of yours. Always find the good in every circumstance no matter how bad you may perceive it. Because there is always positive in every situation. If you can’t see it, you are limiting your mind of seeing it. Maybe because of what another person says or how they see it. These words and the Law of Attraction of truly a life saver, I feel very pleased to have found this knowledge. It is the key to a better and successful lifestyle. Thank you to the creator of the universe. Our Lord. Our God. God bless Jesus. Amen. I hope for all of you who are exercising your mind with this knowledge. Be in the moment for every single word. Be a sponge, let it marinate, let it become second nature, let it seep into your sub conscious mind. Practice makes perfect. I have been watching these videos for over a year now, many I have seen multiple times. My life has been nothing but better since running into this information.

  3. I LOVE these videos especially with this particular persons voice, he is clear and precise and takes time to say what needs to be said. This channel is awesome and I have shared it with others who are also helped with it. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wisdom and the sharing this THANK YOU x

  4. I believe this is THE MOST PROFOUND video of yours I have absorbed yet!!!! EXCELLENT!!’n 😘💜

  5. Thank you

  6. denise scoggins

    If you don’t have something nice to say find something…..excellent

  7. denise scoggins

    I love this, “For judgement I have come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind”. John 9:39 This verse makes sense to me now since hearing your words. Thank you!

  8. I want to live in “Your Youniverse”. Imagine a community of like minded individuals all trying to live their lives positively. Believing in themselves and their neighbors. Building a spiritual space of I can, I will, I am!

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