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  1. Does that help if i just repeat to myself in the mirror daily for like 50 times that i am able to acomplish anything?I mean if i say i am happy that makes me feel better for a while.

  2. Very True!!

    They Say Take Care Of Your Morning, The Day Will Take Care Of Itself!!

    Love From #SubhaMalik

  3. Join~My~$1000/Day~Mission

    All you need in this life is 👉ignorance and confidence👈 and then success is sure.

  4. Bob… Your 6 mins to success changed my life when it came out… Just look up C.E.O. Arron Rudeen… He is making RoKu & Other TV channel’s because of you…i want to return the favor and take atction… I will make the proctor Gallagher institute TV channel for the RoKu network…i want to help you make 6 mins to success into a roku channel along with more, Arron Rudeen here on behalf of myself want to say thank you & will talk more with you & the team soon

  5. Constance Fredericka

    I can dig it!

  6. I can’t believe you met Earl, what a wonderful moment and we are very thankful and grateful to have you with us during our journey.

  7. but bob im too lazy. 😓

  8. I’m here after very long years!
    Coz I didn’t understand English, but now I can understand.

  9. Siena Del Pilar


  10. Why don`t you try MY link for a dollar,Bob?

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