“The Celebrity Secret To Success & Achievement” (Visualization & The Law Of Attraction…)

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  1. Justin, you are a master

  2. How about if you have dreamed..and took action..but nothing you wanted came true…the exact opposite happened….reluctant to try again..been let down once.
    .why try again…

  3. Justin please do a levitation or bilocation or materializing objects
    Video on enlightened masters someday
    Thank you for your knowledge

  4. Thank you Justin! I love you too!

  5. Thank you Justin. I appreciate your vibe. You have helped me reinvent myself.

  6. FACT! Iit works because we are God experiencing itself as humans for a temporary amount of time. WE CREATE our reality. Peace!

  7. Greetings Justin! I listened to your interview on Primal Blueprint and was blown away!!! Thank you for sharing your experience 😁 Today’s my birthday and I am so blessed that I have found “The Secret” on Netflix! 🤩 what’s really amazing is that I’ve actually read some pages of the book but never actually finished reading it. I greatly appreciate you for reminding us of this special gift & power we all have inside us. Unlimited peace, love and blessings to you and your family ❤️😊

  8. I love you Justin. Thank you 🙏🏾 This information is priceless. Such a blessing man. Thank you

  9. Wow… one of the best videos! Thank you!!!! Visualize, say your daily thank yous and gratifications. I visualized since I was very young. Didn’t know it was a “thing”. It was just something I did. Call it using your imagination… but it’s so so true. You have to visualize and thanks to these videos, I’m saying how grateful I am for what I am and for what I have right now in my life.

  10. Drake testimony 👍

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